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Avenues Consultancy & Coaching specialise in women and diversity centred coaching. We support female entrepreneurs through their start-up phase and beyond, and we assist businesses with their diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Our practice finds its foundations in evidence-based research and two decades of corporate management experience. Through 1:1 coaching, workshops and organisational consultancy, we enable women and organisations to identify strengths and value-based strategies that allow for balance, fulfilment and continuous growth.


Do you feel overwhelmed right now?
Are you finding it hard to cope with lockdown restrictions and uncertainty?

Coaching can help you find your feet in the middle of all the chaos. Using tools and techniques that have been shown to increase well-being and help you gain clarity, we are here to guide you through this challenging time. Please contact us for coaching packages tailored to your needs.



The right coaching conversation can make all the difference. In Avenues Consultancy & Coaching, we specialise in coaching women entrepreneurs. We work with you to identify your strengths, to help you prioritise what is important to you and where your energies are best spent. As coaches we have an innate belief in everyone’s internal competence. After all, you’ve made it this far! But sometimes we could do all do with a guiding hand to help sort through our priorities and help us focus on the future.

Run It Like a Girl

In Avenues we have our own take on designing development courses for women. Run It Like a Girl is our executive suite of programmes – tailored to women entrepreneurs, but open to all women in business.

We run a series of workshops tailored to needs we have identified through our network of women business owners.

Corporate Diversity & Inclusion

We specialise in women and diversity centered coaching and provide businesses with the tools they need to successfully implement diversity and inclusion measures. Our strengths and value-based consultancy services are build on more than two decades of corporate and academic experience and tailored to facilitate the development of appropriate strategies for change. We provide onsite and offsite workshops for HR and management, as well as individual executive coaching sessions.

Our values are important to us and are epitomised in our three C’s:


We believe competence in any given field is essential to do it well. We are highly skilled coaches and abide by the professional core competencies outlined by the International Coaching Federation.


Everyone has a story. We all need a helping hand sometimes, and there is no judgement in coaching.


No one can go this alone. Communities are stronger together, and we help build them by enabling everyone to find their place and their voice.

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What People Say

“Ingrid has a unique ability to go below the surface in her coaching. In my interview coaching sessions with her she enabled me not only to make my experience stand out, but also to reach new insights about myself and what I was about. It was invaluable both for my professional and personal development.”

Mary Casey

Designer, Cork, Ireland

“Ingrid is uniquely positioned to use her talents to help women achieve success in the workplace. She is a single mother of three children who became a leader within the male-dominated tech industry, and is highly supportive of the development of other women. She provides powerful insights that help clients get clear on what they want and proactively address barriers to overcome. She will definitely hold you accountable, while encouraging you every step of your path.”

Kim McGaw

Uniquely Human Co., Houston, TX, USA

“There’s not many who know the female entrepreneurial market better than Ingrid. She has been of great support to me through the startup of my own business, and the services that Avenues Consultancy & Coaching provide are an incredible asset for women business owners everywhere.”

Loretta Kennedy

Mama Bear Foods, Cork, Ireland