• Are you a female leader juggling work and family life?

  • Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and underappreciated with not enough hours in the day – and guilty about all the things you don’t get done?

  • Do you want to succeed professionally while still being there for the small things in life?

  • Do you need something to change but don’t know where to start?

Coaching can help. And we are here for you.

Avenues Consultancy & Coaching specialise in helping women leaders achieve their goals while still finding time for themselves and others. Our signature programme is specifically designed to help you find balance in work and life and provides the tools you need to manage your life with more ease without compromising on what’s important to you. Because with a few simple techniques you can learn how to make more informed decisions about what you spend your time on, prioritise according to your values, and find a no guilt solution to creating the life you want.

We provide individual and group coaching services, all designed to help you find clarity and a way forward in your personal and professional life.

To book a complimentary 30-minute call to explore if this is the right solution for you, click below.

What we offer:

Coaching services

The right coaching conversation can make all the difference.

Whether you want to avail of a longer-term coaching program for ultimate results, or just a couple of individual sessions to get you back on track – there’s always a solution there for you.

Book a discovery call to see how I can help.

Talks and workshops

I regularly give talks and facilitate workshops on the topic of work-life balance, well-being and positive change. These are available for organisations and women’s networks globally, and can also be provided as bespoke solutions.

Contact me for pricing options and more details.

Corporate solutions

We provide a selection of bespoke corporate coaching and leadership development solutions tailored towards female leadership and career development, as well as overall employee wellbeing.

Contact us for more information

Coaching for school leaders

It”s a tough time for schools and I am delighted to support school leaders through the Department of Education/Centre for School Leadership Coaching Service.

If you are a principal looking to find out more about availing of my coaching services as part of this program, you can book an initial consultation here.

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What People Say

“Ingrid has a unique ability to go below the surface in her coaching. In my sessions with her she enabled me to reach new insights about myself and what I was about. It was invaluable for figuring out what I wanted both in my professional and my personal life.”

Mary Casey

Designer, Cork, Ireland

“Ingrid is uniquely positioned to use her talents to help women achieve success in the workplace. She is a single mother of three children who became a leader within the male-dominated tech industry, and is highly supportive of the development of other women. She provides powerful insights that help clients get clear on what they want and proactively address barriers to overcome. She will definitely hold you accountable, while encouraging you every step of your path.”

Kim McGaw

Uniquely Human Co., Houston, TX, USA

“Ingrid has been of great support to me when I was setting up my business and trying to manage a lot of different aspects of my life. The services she provides will be an asset for women everywhere.”

Loretta Kennedy

Mama Bear Foods, Cork, Ireland