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I am an accredited psychological coach with a master’s degree in Coaching and Positive Psychology from University College Cork. And I am passionate about helping women find the balance they deserve in life and work. I work with my clients to identify strategies for change in ways that broadens perspectives and encourages creative solutions and helps them be more in control of what they do and don’t do.

And as a mother of three with a corporate career behind me, I am only too familiar with the challenges of juggling it all. Working long hours in a challenging leadership role I had the logistics of working and running a household down to a fine art, arranging pick-ups and drop-offs, planning play dates and Star Wars birthday parties, spending weekends batch cooking whilst staying on top of emails. And when life hit me with a series of challenging events in the space of a few years, my initial response was to just keep going. Until eventually I couldn’t and realised that something had to change – and that I had the power to make that happen.

Now I spend my time helping other women make mindful decisions about how they want to live their lives. I am still busy, still work hard, and still arrange birthday parties – but I make very deliberate choices about what I want to do and why. And while I still check my emails at the weekend, I no longer batch cook.