The Lockdown Diaries pt 5 Strengths

September 24, 2020 By

I talk a lot lately about ways we can make the best of the situation we are finding ourselves in. How recognising and acknowledging how we feel is critical to our wellbeing, how simple things like gratitude and finding something to lookforward to can help us find our way through difficult times. Here’s another thing. A lot has, rightly, been said about how we shouldn’t succumb to unrealistic notions of productivity or putting ourselves under #pressure to perform beyond our capabilities at this moment. Not only do we need to give ourselves time to reflect and pause – sometimes we just need to get through the day. And that’s OK. But one of things we can do, with little cost and a lot of benefit to ourselves is to recognise what our strengths are and how we can best utilise them. Because you already have your strengths. And when used with intent they can have an incredible impact.